• O Plant!

    New work installation with plants and human interaction, Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art,  Fall, 2018… More »

  • Monochord

    The one string koto, or ichigenkin, is a very rare instrument.  Masaoka has studied the ichigenkin with the 4th Iemoto of the Seikyodo Ichigenkin Tradition, Issui Minegishi.  She is the great, great granddaughter of Tokuhiro Taimu, the founder of Seikyodo Ichigenkin, who was said to retreat to mountain caves in Japan to meditate, fast and… More »

  • Hiko Hiko

    Shamanistic by nature, Hiko Hiko is an alternative persona who time travels to distant planets, ancient Japan, Harlem, making unannounced appearances and creating evocative acts and disappears just as quickly.  They sometimes wear kimono rags and the high platform shoes of the Zen priests, and clothes embedded with varied percussion.  Hiko Hiko is non-binary and  has… More »

  • Vaginated Chairs and microphone inserts

    MoMA PS1 in the Book Space April 1, 2018. Several participants wore internal vagina microphone pick ups, and the sound was fed to the speakers in the space. Vaginated Chairs MoMA PS1  … More »

  • Factory recordings in Poland and Russia

    Factory Recordings In Prada, Poland at a helicoptor parts’ factory… More »


    Custom wearable computing kimono with hundreds of hand-sewn LEDs creating a responsive garment that can trigger sound and receive video data in real time. Performances included the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, The New York Electronic Music Festival, and Siggraph, Yokohama, Japan. More information on the archived LED KIMONO project website…. More »

  • The Movement of Things

    I have been writing both music compositions and creating audio installations that utilize very long glissandi, and I am particularly interested in the fundamental elements and principles of speed, and the varying speed and its associative perception for the listener.   For The Movement of Things, the many divisi of the sections of the orchestra were… More »