• Hiko Hiko alternative persona

    Hiko Hiko is a time traveler, a shamanistic figure of a non specific gender and non specific race.  They sometimes wear kimono rags and clothes embedded with percussion and tin cans trailing behind.   Hiko Hiko is said to journey to distant planets, to ancient Japan, to contemporary Harlem, and is known to make unannounced appearances… More »

  • Vaginated Chairs

    MoMA PS1, April 1, 2018 In “Vaginated Chairs”- the vagina is a site for perception, for new ways of listening and perceiving, and, as Masaoka argues, is the Third Ear. Come sit on our humming and vibrating chairs, each tuned to a specific frequency and made into a kind of loud speaker. Some participants will… More »

  • Vaginated Chairs, Kunstmuseum Bonn

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  • A Long Way To F#

    A Long Way to F# is a physical metaphor for over lives that at times resemble noise, chaos and undifferentiated existence, but that eventually focus onto a sharp moment of clarity. There will also be a 12 minute version available for listeners during certain hours each day….

    Sound Corridors at the Knockdown Center

    Multi-channel installation in cavernous space in Brooklyn, New York…. More »

  • Plants Derail Model Train

    The culture of the Cold War spawned many small laboratories with independent researchers and offshoot government agencies. Free-lance engineers and ESP (extra sensory perception) investigators conducted experiments with plants and tried to use plants’ unique electrical response in espionage, long distance communication, including ways of apprehending terrorists by using plants to sense stress levels of… More »

  • LED Kimono Project

    Custom designed and built responsive wearable electronics, electronics, reader, dancer.  See LED KIMONO project website. LED KIMONO Excerpt  LED responds movement, sound.   Miya Masaoka, koto and dress design, Mariko Drew, Dance, Arnold Davidson, reader.  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago…. More »

  • Pieces For Plants (performance and installation)

    Early Version  at Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA.  An Interactive installation for Philodendrom, electrodes, computer… More »

  • Things in an Open Field

    Things in An Open Field Laser Koto and electronics. Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, 2006… More »

  • Inner Koto

        Inner Koto:  Multi-channel work commissioned by Engine 27 and Harvestworks….

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