• LED Kimono Project

    custom designed and built responsive wearable electronics, electronics, reader, dancer.  There is an entire website dedicated to Miya Masaoka’s LED KIMONO LED KIMONO Excerpt  LED responds movement, sound.   Miya Masaoka, koto and dress design, Mariko Drew, Dance, Arnold Davidson, reader.  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago…. More »

  • Pieces For Plants (performance and installation)

    Early Version  at Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA.  An Interactive installation for Philodendrom, electrodes, computer… More »

  • Things in an Open Field

    Things in An Open Field Laser Koto and electronics. Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, 2006… More »

  • Inner Koto

        Inner Koto:  Multi-channel work commissioned by Engine 27 and Harvestworks…. More »

  • For Birds, Planes and Cello

    cello, field recording (tape)… More »

  • Koto In the Sky

    Laser Beams reach across the alley way in San Francisco, with participants waving broomsticks on on fire escapes to trigger sounds…. More »

  • The Bee Projects (1996-2001)

    Cell Space, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival  2000 8 channel (a-dat) Recorded bee sounds spatialized with early software (C sound), speakers in a large circle. (to be  linked in Review section)  Review: Classical Voice: CONTEMPORARY MUSIC REVIEW Electronic Music, A Blast, A Vision May 5, 2000   By Thomas Goss Give some people an amp, and they can’t… More »

  • Thinking Sound

    There were many version of this piece.  Brain data output was sonified and  processed with signal processing.  IBVA (Interactive Brain Visualization Software) developed by Masahiro Kohata. Piece composed by Miya Masaoka.  (Brain output from various participants, including Saimin Li).  The ensemble SFsound perfomed the piece at Yerba Buena Center Gardens…. More »

  • Bee Project #1-6

    More »

  • Ritual for Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches

    For performer, laser beams, interactive software, cockroaches. (Roaches’ movement interrupts sensors triggering audio samples of their hissing sounds) (1995-98) Ritual For Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches excerpt… More »