Gutenberg Sound Art Academy 2019

19 – 25 August 2019 in Mainz, Germany
From mid to end of August 2019, an international sound art summer school will be held in Mainz, Germany. Invited by Prof. Peter Kiefer, two of the most internationally renowned sound artists today will teach master classes for artists and students from all over the world. The course will be delivered by Bernhard Leitner (Vienna), Miya Masaoka (New York) and Peter Kiefer (Mainz). The program will include theoretical sessions with experts in the field in order to facilitate exchange and debate among the participants.2019, 19 – 25 August
–Who can apply?
Sound artists, young professionals, scholars, students and graduates of art, music, design and architecture-related courses of study, etc.
–tuition fee active participation € 450
passive participants (auditors) € 220 (there are still places available)