Projects: Hiko Hiko

Shamanistic by nature, Hiko Hiko is an alternative persona who time travels to distant planets, ancient Japan, Harlem, making unannounced appearances and creating evocative acts and disappears just as quickly.  They sometimes wear kimono rags and the high platform shoes of the Zen priests, and clothes embedded with varied percussion.  Hiko Hiko is non-binary and  has fluid gender associations, sometimes vocalizing as an old man, a bird or making indecipherable sounds.

Some recent Hiko Hiko appearances: “Opening” with the BBC Scottish Symphony, City Halls, Glasgow, Scotland, 2018 ca. 2 ‘ River Talk, solo, The Jazz Gallery, Composers Now, 2018 ca. 8-10′ Look and Listen Festival, The Bric House, Brooklyn, 2014 ca. 6’