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Transliteration Trio with Tabla Rasa
A trio performing compositions and improvisations of transliterated sound symbolism based on an original vocabulary for transferring tabla techniques to the Japanese koto, and conversely, koto techniques for tabla. More »
String Stories with Joëlle Léandre and India Cooke
A string trio of women with strong musical voices. Their playing is imbued with physicality, musicality and a developed sense of aesthetics. All veterans with international careers, each brings a unique and rich history and innovation to the music. More »
Brew with Reggie Workman and Gerry Hemingway
A collective trio that, with each member's strong artistic voice, dismantles conventional roles of drums and bass to construct a new model — subverting and re-defining the leading line or melodic voice and the assumed roles of the instruments. More »
Maybe Monday with Fred Frith and Larry Ochs
With its unique instrumentation, wide-ranging influences, and peerless expertise, this trio conjures a sound of striking unity from a would-be clash of opposites: the electronic and the acoustic, the East and the West, the lyrical and the explosive. More »
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