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Transliteration Trio

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A trio performing compositions and improvisations of transliterated sound symbolism of the tabla or koto based on the development of a new vocabulary for transferring tabla techniques to the Japanese koto, and conversely, koto techniques for tabla. For example, included in this system is an equivalent for open and closed hand positions, and a koto equivalent for the phonemes Dha, Dhi, Tin, Ta etc. Pieces include duets with the koto and tabla, and additionally for a larger ensemble of koto, tabla, percussion, guitar, trumpet.

Miya Masaoka (koto), Samir Chattergee (tabla), Amir El Safar ( trumpet)
Performances: Tonic, NYC; The Chicago Asian American Jazz Fesival

Transliteration Trio with Tabla Rasa :
Miya Masaoska (koto), Jim Santi Owen, Tim Witter (tabla); Will Bernard (guitar)
Performances: Intersection for the Arts


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