Work: Cubistics, a 3-dimensional score for audience mental mapping and musicians

December 15, 2019


  • Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin, Germany, Silent Green, With Kaffe Matthews, Andrea Parkins.

Cubistics is a  composition for audience mental mapping and musicians by Miya Masaoka. This piece requires audience participation.  The audience is requested to follow the mental mapping of a 3-dimensional shape — that of a cube — along with the musicians. This piece includes the exhibition of a physical cube frame, a 3-D video image rendering, and works on paper…

More info:

These 3- Dimensional scores are based on the archetypal imagery of Jungian philosophy. He sometimes compared the form of the archetype to the axial system of a crystal, which preforms the crystalline structure of the mother liquid, although it has no material existence of its own. This first appears according to the specific way in which the ions and molecules aggregate. The archetype in itself is empty and purely formal: a possibility of representation which is given a priori.

Cubistics seeks to generate a collective mental mapping of the cube, through physical manifestations, with the group body of the audience with the musicians performing the “score.”