While I Was Walking I Heard A Sound

For Three choirs and nine soloists spatialized in balconies.

Conductor, Robert Geary
San Francisco Choral Society
Ensemble of the Piedmont Choirs
Sound Color Ensemble: Kevin Baum
Dina Emmerson, Anne Hege, Cheryl Keller, Richard Mix, Tina Osinski, Amy X Neuberg, Gary Ruschman, Randall Wong

Boy sopranos, male falsettos and operatic singers join forces in a total of three choirs and nine solosits consisting of one humdred and twenty singers. While I Was Walking, I Heard a Sound is scored for up to 42 voices and explores the boundaries of vocal art. It was recorded in a large, resonant cathedral with a natural 2.5 second reverberation.

“It is unequivocally the most mesmerizing, haunting and wrenching piece of music I have heard in a long time…While I Was Walking is a non-negotiable item on my desert island list.”
-Margaret Leng Tan

Total time: 31:12

2005 SolitaryB – SB-001

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