UnStumm | Transatlantic Movements telematic : real-time performances with dance, video and sound in mixed reality.

Thursday, November 10, 2022, With UnStumm | Transatlantic Movements, Claudia Schmitz and Nicola L. Hein, Masaoka and other aratists from Argentina, US and Germany to a telematic real-time performances with dance, video and sound in mixed reality.

Using the UnStumm AR App, as well as AR Glasses and headphones, the project Transatlantic Movements develops the completely new format of a telematic Mixed Reality Performance in real time – between the USA and Germany. It brings together 6 artists from the disciplines of dance, media art and music. The audio and video streams produced by the artists, by the means of video art, music and movement, will be projected with the UnStumm – Augmented Voyage AR app.
The audience in Berlin will join the artists from Germany (Colusi, Hein, Schmitz) at bUm (Berlin), while the artists from the USA (Masaoka, Alpert Collwes) will perform with them in a telematic fashion.
The whole performance can only be perceived as an Augmented Reality Experience, using the UnStumm Augmented Voyage app, a pair of VR Smartphone glasses and headphones (provided by UnStumm). Please bring your own smartphone and/or tablet and headphones!

Participating Artists:

Kim Alpert – live moving image
Maria Colusi – dance
Brandon Collwes – dance
Miya Masaoka – electronics
Nicola L. Hein – buchla
Claudia Schmitz – live moving image onto sculpture

Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the programme
NEUSTART KULTUR, tanz digital support programme of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Ministry for Family, Women, Culture and Integration Rhineland-Palatinate