• Nachtjournal 2009

    Concert Series for Experimental Music. Hand-numbered edition of 500. Released Oct 1, 2010, Germany. Satelita Musikverlag ‎– satelita 003 Buy on iTunes Buy on Amazon… More »

  • Masaoka · Chen · Grüsel · Nagai

    Recorded Sept 11, 2009 during the 11th High Zero Festival. Released February 14, 2010. Resipiscent ‎– RSPT036 Order from Resipiscent… More »

  • Spiller Alley

    Larry Ochs | Miya Masaoka | Peggy Lee | Recorded live in Europe on April 2006 (Venice, Teatro Fondamente Nuove, Italy), Munich, Offene Ohren e.V., Germany), (St Johann, Alte Gerberei, Austria) Mixed at Function 8, San Francisco, USA Mastered at Headless Buddha Studios, Oakland, USA Released 2008, France RogueArt ‎– ROG-0016 Buy at ROGUEART Buy on iTunes… More »

  • Unsquare

    Maybe Monday | Fred Frith | Larry Ochs | Miya Masaoka | Gerry Hemingway | Ikue Mori | Zeena Parkins | Carla Kihlstedt | Recorded live 2nd & 3rd July 1998 at Unity Temple, Chicago. Edited and mastered at Headless Buddha Lab, Oakland. Released January 2008, Switzerland. Intakt Records ‎– Intakt CD 132 Order from… More »

  • Accordion Koto

    Pauline Oliveros | Miya Masaoka Though an unlikely combination – accordion and koto – it is not so much about the instruments as about the energies of the music that comes from the intensity of listening – listening as close to the“now” as possible. We know that consciousness is delayed by a fraction of a second… More »

  • Sound Body

    David Toop | Haco recorded in Kobe. Kenji Siratori recorded in Tokyo. Rafael Toral recorded in Lisbon. Miya Masaoka recorded at Charlie Morrow Studios, New York City, 24.03.06. Günter Müller recorded in Lupsingen. Lee Patterson recorded in Manchester. John Latham recorded by David Toop at Flat Time House, London, 08.10.04. All other recordings by David… More »

  • Cloud Plate

    Alex Cline | Kaoru | Miya Masaoka |G.E. Stinson | Recorded January 20, 2001 at Stagg Street Studio, Van Nuys, CA. All the pieces on this recording are improvisations recorded in real time. 2005 Cryptogramophone ‎– CG121 Order from Cryptogramophone Buy on iTunes Buy on Amazon… More »

  • For Birds, Planes and Cello

    A continuous field recording and cello. Composed by, Miya Masaoka (2004) Cello performed by, Joan Jeanrenaud I chose deep, extreme canyons to make audio field recordings and maximize the resonant qualities of the earth’s topography. The nearby airport’s flight schedule became the form and structure of the composition, beginning nearly 6:00 AM and increasing in… More »

  • While I Was Walking I Heard A Sound

    For Three choirs and nine soloists spatialized in balconies. Volti Conductor, Robert Geary San Francisco Choral Society Ensemble of the Piedmont Choirs Sound Color Ensemble: Kevin Baum Dina Emmerson, Anne Hege, Cheryl Keller, Richard Mix, Tina Osinski, Amy X Neuberg, Gary Ruschman, Randall Wong Boy sopranos, male falsettos and operatic singers join forces in a… More »

  • Klang. Farbe. Melodie.

    Vinkeloe | Cremaschi | Masaoka | Robair | On each of these relatively brief and finely shaped tracks, Vinkeloe, Cremaschi, Masaoka and Robair jointly cultivate ground that’s freshly turned every two to five-and-a-half minutes. Regardless of who plants the first seed, with a gesture, a sound, or perhaps some intuitively detected energetic pulse, the four… More »