• Transient Memories

    Fridman Gallery, 2018 Materials: Glass bottles, electronics, sound… More »

  • O Plant!

    New work installation with plants and human interaction, Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art,  Fall, 2018… More »

  • The Opening (semi-improvised)

    The “Opening” is 2′ with soloists Nathalie Forget (ondes martenot), Deborah Walker (cello), Silvia Tarozzi (vln), Hiko Hiko (vocals, Percussion dress) More »

  • Spectacle Exotic – A film short by Miya Masaoka

    More »

  • Adventures of the Solitary Bee

    The Adventures of the Solitary Bee is a quasi documentary by Miya Masaoka. The work was part of a constellation of works in the mid to late nineties, where the artist used social insects noted for their social behavior and their natural insect More »

  • MZM Trio: Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins, Miya Masaoka

    Ten improvised pieces from three of the most innovative instrumentalists at work today. More »

  • Hiko Hiko alternative persona

    Hiko Hiko is a time traveler, a shamanistic figure of a non specific gender and non specific race.  They sometimes wear kimono rags and clothes embedded with percussion and tin cans trailing behind.   Hiko Hiko is said to journey to distant planets, to ancient Japan, to contemporary Harlem, and is known to make unannounced appearances… More »

  • Tilt

    20th Anniversary of Other Minds Festival…. More »

  • Heliotropism for Large Ensemble

    Performed at New Music On the Point, Vermont; Zack Di Lello, trumpet, Jessie Nucho, flute,  Brian Stuligross, violin, Cindy Lan, viola, Louise King, Cello, Will Yager, contrabass, Cole Blouin, guitar, Alec Whiting, bowed and fingered koto… More »

  • The Long Arc of Time

    A new Noh chamber opera to be premiered at Park Avenue Armory June 13, 2019.   More »