• Singing River So To Speak*

    based on the poem by Maya Angelou, “On The Pulse of Morning” Commissioned by Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Ensemble Evolution, International Contemporary Ensemble, ( ICE) conducted by Steve Schick; for flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano, percussion,  violin, viola, cello.  July 6, 2019… More »

  • Listen Ahead traffic signs

    More »

  • Solar Wind

    Joelle Leandre (contrabasse), Rober Dick (flutes) and Miya Masaoka (koto) TRIO… More »

  • Listen Ahead: Ear Hut

    Listen Ahead consists of a series of traffic signs, and the Ear Hut, a small structure that is designed to privilege the ear over the eye… More »

  • Park Ave Armory Artist Studio: UPDATED PROGRAM

    Programmatic Updates to Miya Masaoka’s Armory Performances (including interactive work with plants) The program for Miya Masaoka’s upcoming performances at Park Avenue Armory on Wednesday, March 13, have been updated. In place of The Long Arc of Time Noh opera, the program will now include a number of new works by Masaoka, performed with her… More »

  • O Plant!

    detail. Houseplant, electronics, wire, wood. sound… More »

  • Partial Eclipse for String Quartet (workshop version)

    Stephanie Griffin vla, Alex Shozaki Vln, Rachell Wong Vln, Michael Haas, Cello Roulette, NY… More »

  • Transient Memories

    Fridman Gallery, 2018 Materials: Glass bottles, electronics, sound… More »

  • O Plant!

    New work installation with plants and human interaction, Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art,  Fall, 2018… More »

  • The Opening (semi-improvised)

    The “Opening” is 2′ with soloists Nathalie Forget (ondes martenot), Deborah Walker (cello), Silvia Tarozzi (vln), Hiko Hiko (vocals, Percussion dress) More »