• Spectacle Exotic – A film short by Miya Masaoka

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  • Adventures of the Solitary Bee

    The Adventures of the Solitary Bee is a quasi documentary by Miya Masaoka. The work was part of a constellation of works in the mid to late nineties, where the artist used social insects noted for their social behavior and their natural insect More »

  • Plants Derail Model Train

    The culture of the Cold War spawned many small laboratories with independent researchers and offshoot government agencies. Free-lance engineers and ESP (extra sensory perception) investigators conducted experiments with plants and tried to use plants’ unique electrical response in espionage, long distance communication, including ways of apprehending terrorists by using plants to sense stress levels of… More »

  • Dark Passages

    Music composed by Miya Masaoka, Libretto by Thulani Davis, Directed by Ellen Chang. A multimedia oratorio with readers, actual activists and resistors, string quartet, Buddhist chanters, actors, projected slides, video. Ruminations on Japanese American concentration camp survivors and WW II wtih Buddhist chanters, live ensemble, video and still projections, archival footage and actors/readers.  Dar Passages… More »

  • Ritual for Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches

    For performer, laser beams, interactive software, cockroaches. (Roaches’ movement interrupts sensors triggering audio samples of their hissing sounds) (1995-98) Ritual For Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches excerpt… More »