• Network Of Energy

    Composed by Miya Masaoka, performed by Masaoka, koto, Mark Dresser, Bass, Stephanie Richards, Trumpet, Madison Greenstone, clr, Kjell Nordeson, Percussion, Sean Dowgray, Percussion, Andrew Drury, Percussion. Performed at the San Diego Art Museum, November, 2015 More »

  • Four Moons of Pluto for 1 to 5 contrebasse players

    For double bass, from 1 to 5 players.  James Ilgenfritz. First performance, The Stone, 2015.  James has performed this piece many times all over the world.  It was recorded on Innova Records (Triangle of Resistance)  and also Infrequent Seams (Origami Cosmos) by James Ilgenfritz. A 5 bass player configuration was first performed at New Music…

    The Dust and the Noise

    piano, percussion, violin, cello, conducted by Richard Carrick… More »

  • The Chattering of Life

    for string quartet and improvising trio 5′ excerpt The Chattering of Life… More »

  • Warsaw

    Warsaw, excerpt gestures, violin, cello, 2 vocalists, video projections, koto, violin, cello, 2 vocalists… More »

  • Jagged Pyramid

    Scored for open instrumentation… More »

  • Off A Craggy Cliff

    For two telematic ensembles, of open, unspecified instrumentation. Performed by Rennsselaer Polytecnic  Ensemble (RPI) led by Pauline Oliveros and Stanford University Ensemble led by Chris Chaffe…. More »

  • The Butterfly’s Logic

    4 percussionists, amplified metal percussion… More »

  • Chironomy

    5 players in 2 groups. clarinet, vocalist, synthesizer in group 1, 2 computers in Group 2, streaming audio and projected video of childrens’ hands gesturing… More »

  • What is the Sound of Naked (Asian) Men?

    8 musicians and streaming brain wave data, video projection, performed by SF Sound ensemble More »