• The Boccaccio Project “Intuit (a way to stay in this world)”

    Intuit (a way to stay in this world) Library of Congress commission as part of The Boccaccio Project. For solo cello. Kathryn Bates of Del Sol, June 2020. Duration: 3 minutes. Composed by Miya Masaoka in strict quarantine in New York City 2020…. More »

  • Four Moons of Pluto for 1 to 5 contrebasse players

    For double bass, from 1 to 5 players.  James Ilgenfritz. First performance, The Stone, 2015.  James has performed this piece many times all over the world.  It was recorded on Innova Records (Triangle of Resistance)  and also Infrequent Seams (Origami Cosmos) by James Ilgenfritz. A 5 bass player configuration was first performed at New Music… Channeling Scelsi:  with Italian channeler Carlo Costa.

    Channeling Scelsi:  with Italian channeler Carlo Costa. This new work is an interpretation of Scelsi’s 1965 composition Ygghur originally written for cello.  Performed on two 13 string kotos by Akiko Sasaki and Miya Masaoka…. More »

  • A Crack in Your Thoughts

    Koto, Laser Koto and electronics, The Walk Art Center Gallery, 2012 A Crack In Your Thoughts Excerpt… More »

  • Stemming

    Stemming for 1-4 players  bows, string instrument, processing  … More »

  • Swimming Through Madness

    Duo for two 13 string kotos. With Akiko Sasaki, Miya Masaoka, The Stone and Roulette… More »

  • Balls

    piano, Disclavier, ping-pong balls.  Commissioned by Kathleen Supove, Flea Theater, New York City… More »

  • Things in an Open Field

    Things in An Open Field Laser Koto and electronics. Redcat Theater, Los Angeles, 2006… More »

  • For Birds, Planes and Cello

    cello, field recording (tape)… More »

  • Unearthed/Unbound

    Solo 21 string koto commission from Jill Togawa solo dance; Symphony Space, 18th St., Los Angeles. 1993. Recorded on Compositions/Improvisations 1994… More »