Work: What Is the Difference Between Stripping and Playing the Violin?



  • Market St., San Francisco, 1997
  • Sacred Grounds, San Pedro, CA, 1998

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Performed by the Masaoka Orchestra, Masaoka conducts using Tai Chi techniques and Conduction developed by Masaoka. This piece was performed outdoors on Market St., San Francisco near the red light district with erotic dancers. It featured musicians from varied genres in the San Francisco music scene, including a poet, a string section, two drummers, an Asian instrument section, winds, turntables, electronics. Commissioned by San Francisco Public Art and Transit; Kei Yamashita, Liberty Ellman, guitars, Vijay Iyer, Carla Kilhstedt, India Cooke, violins, Jeff Lukas, cello, Francis Wong, Lee Yen, Hafez Hadirzadeh, Saxophones, Toyoji Tomita, trombone, Sciobhan Brooks, reader, Trevor Dunn, Mark Izu, bass, Liu Qi Chao, Anthony Brown, Elliot Humberto Kavee, Drumsets, Rob Kauker, Thomas Day, Patty Liu, DJ Mariko, electronics Erotic dancers included Daisy Anarchy. Additional performance at Sacred Grounds, San Pedro, CA, 1998.